Agreement between the School of Law and Paris Nanterre University

Study plan in Italian-French Law, LLM in Law

Bologna University School of Law has drawn up an agreement with Paris Nanterre  University giving rise to a specific plan of study within the Single-Cycle degree programme. At the end, successful students will be awarded a double qualification  Licence en droit, mention droit français-droit italien and Master en droit, spécialité droit français-droit italien from Paris Ouest University and the Single-cycle degree in Law/study plan on Italian-French law from Bologna University School of Law.

This integrated programme entailing a five-year study plan takes place in both Italy and France; students will attend the whole third year and half the fifth at the partner university.

The Didactic Director for the study plan is  Prof Elena Ferioli.

This individual study plan may only be chosen before the end of the second year of Law and before the deadline for application to register. It consists of an integrated learning programme designed to produce graduates able to analyse points of law connected with the Italian and French systems, and to assist/interact with public institutions or private companies operating within the Italian and French systems.

Students are expected to possess enough language expertise right from the start to sit exams in Italian law and special French law exams conducted by teachers from the partner university.

Attendance of the third academic year at Paris Nanterre University is conditional on passing all the French law exams set for the first two years of the individual study plan.

Failure to pass exams at Nanterre will make it necessary to repeat the whole year at the French university. This may be done once. If the student still fails to make the grade, he/she will have to quit the programme and revert to the classic version.

No student who decides to quit the programme will be allowed to join it again subsequently.