Curricular internships

In the course of their studies, students may take a period of professional development in order to gain the credits (UECs) allocated on the Degree Programme teaching plan.

The School of Law offers its students curricular internships as an opportunity for learning and practising the mechanisms of the law.

By way of elective learning activities, those enrolled on a Single-cycle Five-year Degree Programme in Law may benefit from a practical internship with an organization on the Degree Programme agreement list.

Application for an internship follows on the annual Call published on the Degree Programme website.

Those on a three-year degree programme within the Law School (Degree Programme for labour and company relations expert and Degree Programme for company and public administration lawyer) must do an internship under their study plan. This will be domiciled with an Institute/Company in Italy or abroad by arrangement with the Degree Programme or Bologna University.

Greater detail will be found on the Degree Programme websites.