Information on exam sessions and how to sit an exam.

To take an examination, students must put their names down on the list.

When enrolling for an exam or cancelling one’s name, one must use the AlmaEsami service .

Signing on/cancellation is mandatory and must be done up to 7 days (actual, not working days) before the date when the whole session is scheduled to start.

If students find they cannot come to an exam, they must take their names off the list, or, if too late, send the teacher an e-mail.

After selecting an exam, the student will receive the following information: time and day on which the session is due to start, the number assigned on the list, the place where the exam will be held.

When the exam consists of a written paper followed by an oral test, the outcome of the written will be posted on the AlmaEsami website by the teacher, who will set a day for the oral test.

Exams cannot be taken on course units not mentioned in the study plan.

A list of exam sessions may be found on Degree Programme websites.