Guidance in choosing

The School of Law is actively involved in counselling activities, offering future students a range of services that will help them take an informed decision as to the most suitable university curriculum.

If you are nearing the end of high school, it’s time to think of the next step.

Take part in one of the many guidance events (like Almaorienta and Open Day).

They will provide you with material on what the School has to offer (its programme catalogue); you may sit in on teacher presentations or talk to office and teaching staff who will enlighten you on details of degree programmes and the differences between them, what learning programmes entail and what careers may beckon.

It is by no means easy to take the right decision on your future, so you could probably do with a little counselling at such a pivotal moment.

Via its Student Counselling Service (S.O.S.), the School of Law will help you throughout your university career to take decisions for yourself about your education.

A brochure is attached, outlining the School of Law programme catalogue.