Degrees with multiple titles and integrated Career / Joint Programmes

Cooperation agreements made by the School of Law to release multiple titles
Agreement between the School of Law and Paris Nanterre University
Bologna University School of Law has drawn up an agreement with Paris Nanterre University giving rise to a specific plan of study within the Single-Cycle degree programme. At the end, successful students will be awarded a double qualification Licence en droit, mention droit français-droit italien and Master en droit, spécialité droit français-droit italien from Paris Nanterre University and the Single-cycle degree in Law/study plan on Italian-French law from Bologna University School of Law.
Cooperation Agreement between the School of Law and King's College, London
12 students enrolled on the Single-cycle five-year Law degree programme at Bologna may attend the fifth year at the Dickson Poon School of Law, London, where they will take three annual exams, present a long dissertation and attain the qualification of LLM (master).
Cooperation Agreement between the School of Law and Tilburg University (NL)
Cooperation agreement to achieve the International Business Tax Law LLM from Tilburg University and the single-cycle five-years degree in Law from Bologna School of Law