Professional Masters

University Masters are scientific upgrade qualifications forming part of Lifelong Learning after attainment of a First- or Second-cycle Degree.

University Masters are a flexible programme making for greater multi-disciplinarity than traditional degree programmes.

They are designed for those aiming to go on deepening their knowledge after graduation, or extend it to other areas, those who seek professionalism and a concrete outlet for the information learnt in degree programmes.

Teaching plans are tailored to the real needs of public and private institutions. These are enlisted from the start in planning the whole syllabus. Graduates taking part have direct contact with outside partners and can hence get the feel of the work world, experience new contexts and find their professional bearings. That is why internship is a key part of the training.

University Masters divide into first- and second-level. A first-level Professional Master is open to those with a First-cycle degree; a second-level to those with a Second-cycle degree.