Programme catalogue

University studies are organized in three cycles: First-Cycle and Single-Cycle (=combined first- and second-cycle) Degree Programmes, Second-Cycle degree Programmes, Third-Cycle Degree Programmes (PhD and Specialization Schools). Professional or Vocational Upgrade Courses are also run in the form of Masters Level-I and Level-II. There are Post-graduate Programmes, Continuous Education Programmes, Intensive Courses, Summer and Winter School.

First-cycle and second-cycle Degree Programmes

First-cycle Degree Programmes, open to those in possession of a High School Diploma, last three years, at the end of which one graduates and attains the qualification of ‘Dottore’ (Doctor).

Second-cycle Degree Programmes, open only to graduates, last two years, at the end of which one graduates as a ‘Dottore Magistrale’ (Master of Arts or Master of Science).


Course Unit Catalogue

For each course unit, information is available on the learning outcomes, study plan, organisation of teaching and exam texts.
You may search the course units of this School by teacher, programme type, degree programme and AY.



The PhD is the highest academic qualification foreseen in Italy and is designed to provide the skills needed to practise top-level research at a university, or public/private entity.


Specialization School

Specialization schools are post-graduate professional upgrade and specialist programmes required by certain professions.


University Post-graduate and Lifelong Learning Programmes

University Post-graduate and Lifelong Learning Programmes are designed for workers who wish to upgrade and update their knowledge on work-related topics.


Professional Masters

University Masters are post-graduate qualifications attesting scientific upgrade and continuous/recurrent higher education after completion of a first-cycle or single-cycle degree. A university Masters is an ideal addition to one’s studies and facilitates entry to the job market.


Summer and Winter School

Summer and Winter School are intensive courses on wide-ranging subjects, designed to meet new demands of a higher cultural and interdisciplinary nature.