Summer and Winter School

Summer School / Winter School usually means a residential intensive course lasting from one to four weeks with an international bias and carrying from 2 to 6 university educational credits for the residential part.
Summer School in Maritime, Transport and Mobility Law - Prof. Stefano Zunarelli
An annual international Research Summer School reserved for PhD-students and experts in the fields of Maritime and Transport Law, where they can present each other their research as work in progress, gain valuable experience, learn from one another and make useful contacts for their future academic career.
The protection of fundamental rights in Europe/ La protection des droits fondamentaux en Europe - Prof.ssa Lucia Serena Rossi
The topic is the protection of Human Rights on the European and International level. In particular, emphasis will be placed on the European Convention of Human Rights - the rights it guarantees, the system of protection it creates – and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Legislative XML Summer School 2013: Managing Legal Resources in the Semantic Web - Prof.ssa Monica Palmirani
The school sets out to provide knowledge on the most important standard ICT tools that are becoming state-of-art and finding concrete application in the legislation field. The school wishes to bring home to participants the full impact of such technology at all stages of the legislative process, and make them aware of the scope software tools have if applied to the complete process of creating law.
Summer School on European Union and Legal Reform
The CCSDD is a research partnership between the Faculty of Law of the University of Bologna and the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna, Italy (SAIS Europe).