Quality of teaching

The quality of teaching is seen in its ability to meet the expectations of all those interested in the education service: students, families and the world of work.

Student judgment of teaching

Via the questionnaire on teaching students may express their opinion on the various aspects of their university education. This forms an important tool for improving the system. 

Degree Programme quality assurance

The University Internal Quality Assurance system ensures that significant data are periodically collected and analysed: e.g. the number of regularly-enrolled students graduating, students’ own opinions, the employment status of graduates. From this, concrete plans can be laid for improvement. It is therefore a system of self-assessment. On each degree programme an annual report is drawn up – available on Degree Programme websites – containing updated information on key issues of teaching.

Annual report on teaching

The annual teaching report takes account of Departments’ annual self-assessment reports, and is drawn up by the Joint Teaching Committee. The report gives a description of the Programme Catalogue as a whole, and analyses learning processes in quali-quantitative terms. 

AlmaLaurea surveys

AlmaLaurea surveys provide information on graduate employment outcomes from the moment of qualifying.