Information, Porter’s lodge and Logistic Service – Bologna Centre

Informations and contacts.

This provides official information on logistics and institutional activities at the Bologna Campus Law School.

Functions: The Information, Porter’s lodge and logistic PR Service is in charge of monitoring access routes, lecture rooms and other School premises, installing and looking after the School’s teaching equipment, checking and maintaining its infrastructure, teaching furnishings, teaching equipment (making sure microphones and audio-visual apparatuses are working) and energy plants (electricity supply, air conditioning and heating systems, plumbing), and reporting breakdown and malfunction; it acts as a call centre and information point, posts changes to teachers’ office hours, distributes forms, information and teaching matter, makes sure lecture rooms are reserved for Masters and seminars, and prepares halls for degree sessions.

Contact Person
: Giuseppina Privitera, Francesca Giordano

Staff: Silvana Graziano, Luca Naldi