Teaching Office – Bologna Centre

Informations and contacts.

The Bologna Centre’s Teaching Office is web-based with a view to improving this resource for students.

The service constantly updates information of relevance to students on the Law School website and provides personalized consultancy online.

Students enrolled at the Bologna Campus may ask for any information not available on the School website by consulting the institutional e-mail address (name.surname@studio.unibo.it).

Function: The Teaching Office provides the following service:

  • Technical support with the degree programme system and teaching rules, the School’s international dimension and accreditation of programmes and qualifications;
  • Organization of tuition;
  • Providing students with information;
  • Support with planning and running international meetings connected with structured teaching activities;
  • Support with international mobility processes for teachers and students;
  • Support in forming and conducting relations with external organizations;
  • Looking after internationalization process via DIRI and AFORM;
  • Support with planning and running IT management of its own services.

Manager: Dr. Gaia Fanelli

Staff: Matteo D'Amico, Antonella Gorgoglione, Domenico Toto, Pantaleo Elicio.