The Joint Teaching Committee

Composed of the Dean of the School and the same number of teachers as student representatives.

Members 2016-2019

Professors and Lecturers: Luca Mezzetti (President),  Francesca Curi, Andrea Lassandari,  Giacomo Di Federico, Antonello De Oto.

Student Representatives: Lorenzo Berselli, Giovanni Frascella, Eleonora Gregori Ferri, Fabiana Maraffa, Anita Rustignoli.


1. Each school shall have a teacher-student joint committee, the end of whose mandate corresponds with that of the Board.

2. The Committee is composed of:

  • The School Dean or proxy, who chairs and convenes the committee;- 2 associate professors and 2 researchers, their number (including the Dean) equating with that of the students. The professors and researchers are appointed by the Board, mainly from its own members, at the Dean’s recommendation, in the spirit of fair representation as per art. 19, sect. 6 of the statute;
  • 5 students (those elected with most votes) from among the student representatives on the School Board, again under the criterion of fair representation as per art. 19, sect. 6 of the statute.

3. The administrative manager of the School or proxy there to shall take part in committee meetings without voting rights.



1. The Committee:

  • has the task of setting assessment criteria and monitoring learning opportunities, the quality of teaching and services available to students;
  • it pronounces on whether the programme catalogue should be set up, activated, altered or closed down;
  • it may make proposals to the School Board on questions relating to teaching or the allocation of funding as per art. 18 sect. 8 of the statute.
  • it draws up an annual report, taking stock of the various departments’ annual self-assessment reports.

2. Decisions under sect. 1 of the present article are deemed to stand if not expressed within 7 days of the proposal text being conveyed to the committee.

3. The joint committee may also set up departmental subcommittees to rule on matters other than methods of assessment and procedures to ensure quality of teaching, which are reserved for the plenary joint committee.


Luca Mezzetti

Members 2016-2019

The School Dean:
Nicoletta Sarti

Heads of Department:
Giorgio Bellettini - Economics - DSE
Giovanni Luchetti - Juridical sciences - DSG


Prof. Enrico Al Mureden
Prof. Claudia Tubertini
Dott. Corrado Roversi
Prof. Anna Toni


Student representatives:
Italo Pomes
Francesco Dalmaso
Jacopo Cappa
Francesco Dimaggio
Jasmine Faudone