The School Board

The School Board of the School of Law

The School of Law Board lasts in office three years and it is composed of:


Main Competences and activities:

It elects the School Dean and members of the Joint Teaching Committee teachers-students;

It approves the operating rules of the School and the three-year plan, the annual activity report drawn up by the Joint Teaching Committee, the provisions on the use of resources, as well as related reporting;

It proposes to the Board of Directors and the Academic Senate of the establishment, activation and deactivation of the courses, and their respective legislation and regulations;

Defines and monitors, in cooperation with related departments, internationalization initiatives


Members of the Council in the three year period 2015-2018:

The School Dean:


Heads of Department:

Teacher representatives:

Student representatives:

  • Faudone Jasmine                  
  • Dal Maso Francesco Olindo   
  • Dimaggio Francesco