The School of Law

Developing out of the Faculty of Law, the School boasts not just a broad programme catalogue and quality teaching, but a truly international dimension.

Stemming from the recent reform to Italian university structure, the School of Law combines the dynamism of a modern international institution with the lustre and heritage of nearly 1000 years’ experience. It descends from the oldest law faculty in the western world which has trained generations of professionals since 1088 and equipped them to practise in a Europe-wide setting.

Bologna Law School stands at the cutting edge of research, embodying as it does the Department of Legal Studies and Department of Economics; it thus offers its students a complete intellectual, practical and professional education based on centuries of a supranational outlook.

Long-standing ties of scientific and academic cooperation with the top legal institutions of the world have created a solid basis for the new interdisciplinary approach to legal learning, tailored to globalization of the sector.

The Bachelors and Masters emerging from the four degree courses activated at the two Campuses, Bologna and Ravenna, are fully conversant with all the bases of private and public law, and will usually have benefited from a period of study at a European or extra-European university, a practice which the School encourages and vouches for with its rich network of inter-university agreements.

Bologna’s Faculty (now School) of Law has been acknowledged for its excellence by the authoritative “QS World University Ranking”: for 2011-12 it ranks 1st in Italy, high at the top of continental Europe, 35th in the world, close behind the most illustrious universities of the English-speaking area.

The School of Law’s degree programme tuition takes place in the heart of Bologna old town or on the campus of Ravenna. Students are provided with multimedia and linguistic facilities, and assisted both generically and personally by help desks and tutorage. In the “A.Cicu” library of the Department of Legal Studies they have one of the most richly endowed resources in the whole of Italy; ever since its foundation in the early years of the twentieth century, this has been a hub and meeting point between academe and professional lawyers.

A happy relationship between Town and Gown, which marks the annals of the medieval Alma Mater Studiorum, still works its all-Bolognese alchemy, making students in general, but particularly those of Law School, a characteristic and stimulating feature of the social landscape.


Some Law School numbers

  • 2 Campuses
  • 4 Degree Programmes
  • 146 teaching staff at the Department of Legal Studies
  • 7973 students enrolled as of 31st December 2015
  • 1st place among Italy’s law faculties and 47th in the world 

(Source: QS World University Ranking 2017)